Friday, June 12, 2009

River Rogue

River Rogue

Exotic Background if Outlawed and Branded, or, Branded on Face
Very Exotic Background if only Outlawed or Branded
Ex Exotic Background if neither Outlawed nor Branded
Cannot be Baptized
May not be a member of any other organization
All stats must be 13 or higher

The River Rogue is old school unreconstructed River Scum. Despising all affiliations, living by their wits, going their own way, spitting in the face of any authority that tries to manipulate or control them, River Rogues will cut their own legs off to escape any trap, although they’d prefer to just cut the throat of whoever is trying to trap them.

For character generation only, River Rogues are considered to have Fast Learner at the following skills:

Weapon 4 (2)
Thrown Weapon 3 (x)
Punch 3
Kick 3
Close Combat 3
Combat Position 3 (3)
Quick draw 2 (1)
Weapon master 4 (2)
Acrobat 2 (2)
Sprint 4
Recognize Value 2 (2)
Attentiveness (no level limit) 4 (2)
Climbing 2
Familiar With Underground 3 (6)
Lying 3 (3)
Pick Locks 3 (3)
Pick Pockets 3 (0)
Scrounging 3 (1)
Escape from Bonds 3 (4)
Stealth 3
Strike from Behind 4 (4)
Strike from Surprise 4 (3)

River Rogues get no special starting equipment (the world don’t give you nothin’ free).

They are, however, Extremely Resistant to Manipulation or Dominance - They may add 6 to their WP for resisting Leadership, Sex Appeal, Persuasion, or Presence Attacks.

(Things like Exotic Background, Blooded, Outlawed, Branded, and Gifted At Skill are Attributes in the WOE system; you can read more about them at

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