Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A time of legends

It was the end of everything that had been, and the beginning of everything that would be...

From the Golden Archives beneath ancient Sottli Ban to the blood soaked paving stones of the River College on eldritch Dour Island, scholars debated what name to give the new age.

Some said it should be called the Age of Law, pointing to the growing power of the Realm of Ona Tengu, which had already weathered several wars and other catastrophes in its less than thirty years of existence. Others quibbled, claiming that 'the Age of Order' had a better ring to it, and was more accurate, given the less chaotic way men seemed to be organizing their affairs all up and down the River since the death of the hated Samaqel.

Still others cast their eyes fearfully towards the eternally benighted Unholy Lands dividing the River in two and held out for 'the Age of Darkness'.

But all agreed on one thing... it was the end of an age on the River, and the dawning of a new one...

For KING KAMERON, aging monarch of the Western Reaches of Ona Tengu, the so called Kingslands, it is an Age of Iron, where military force will unite the fractious River beneath the crowned sword emblem of the Red Realm.

For QUEEN KRISTARA, ageless and beautiful monarch of Ona Tengu's eastern regions, the Queenslands, this is an Age of Magic, where occult powers and dark mysticism will bring every being, living and dead, under her gracious and eternal sway.

For the Undead Masters of the Bloodlines of the Unholy Lands such as VASHT, Minister of Darkness, it is an Age of Blood, where living men are no more than cattle to slake the lusts of their undying betters.

For the MERCHANTS' COUNCIL OF SOTTLI BAN, this is an Age of Intrigue, where clever schemes and subtle strategies may yet win back for the Golden Race the power and glory of an ancient kingdom long forgotten by all but themselves...

For KING BALDWIN of Miria, earthly leader of the Reformed Church of the One True God, it is a time of Holy Crusade, when all the River is to be brought beneath the gentle, benevolent rule of the New Faith.

For the wolflike Ulvane, it is an Age of Battle, but for the wolflike Ulvane it is always an Age of Battle...

This is a time for fools and warriors, heroes and knaves, thieves and priests, rogues and wizards. A time for the naked blade and the poisoned cup, for the brazen battle cry and the wicked whisper... for assassins and paladins, for honor and for evil, for truth and for terror. A time and a place for the lucky and the brave, where glory is everywhere, life is cheap, fame and fortune hang from every tree, and kingdoms are won and lost with a single roll of the dice.

It is a time when legends walk the earth, when men become myths, when mortals battle monsters, horrors, and even the gods themselves, and no power in heaven or hell can decree the outcome in advance. A time when destiny itself can be seized by the throat and bent to the will of the truly daring.

It is a time of adventure...

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