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Tengish Ranger

Tengish Ranger

If born in Ona Tengu, Exotic Background / If not, Extremely Exotic Background
Extreme Good Tutor (Attentiveness, Hunter‘s Mind, Self Command, Spot Weakness)
Baptized to God of Nature

While the Knighthood of Ona Tengu was originally conceived to carry the Realm of Ona Tengu into the wild areas of the kingdom and beyond the borders of Ona Tengu itself, the past decades of rampant militarization by King Kameron have bent the Knighthood to a much more combative role. As the Red Realm is vast in size and contains large tracts of wilderness, much of it of an eldritch nature and evil repute (such as the Great Swamp, the Twilight Zone on the border of the Unholy Lands, the so called Hinterlands lying along the border of the Giant Mountains, the desolate Badlands that fringe the dense, impenetrable jungles of Northarka, and the sinister Howling Moors that stretch like an ancient, open mass grave across the eastern expanses between Riva Zand and the Dawnpeaks), the Order of Tengish Rangers has been created by the Realm of Ona Tengu in close collaboration with the Temple of Nature to patrol these occult, foreboding regions where few honest men would ever wish to venture. The mandate of the Tengish Ranger is to keep watch over the brooding, ancient ruins that dot these arcane areas of Ona Tengu like festering sores, while keeping the outlaws, exiles, and other unnatural creatures and Enemies of Man that skulk through these numinous nether regions well in hand.

Tengish Rangers receive the following skill package at Level 0 +1 for 65 points:

Bow (3)

Sword (4)

Sword Parry (3)
A skill created for the Tengish Rangers, this allows a swordsman to add 1 per level to his combat defense for no extra cost. If the user employs the combat option Parry, they may add their level again to their Defense, plus the normal Parry modifier. Weapon Parry cannot be used in combination with a shield, must be used with a sword, and cannot be a higher level than your main Sword skill.

Horsemanship (3)

Combat Position (3)

Leadership (3)

Attentiveness (4)

Survival - Rain Forest (3)*

Animal Handler (3)

Hunting (3)*

Marathon (3)

Mountain Climbing (3)

Naturalist (3)*

Navigation (3)*

Tracking (2)

Wilderness Stealth (4)*

Engineer (3)

(Skills marked with * must be level 4 or higher before play begins.)

Hunter’s Mind (4) base cost 4: [ACU + 2x level] Requires 10 rounds of meditation prior to making roll off, which under normal conditions is against a difficulty 16. If this roll off is successful, Hunter’s Mind level may be added directly any one skill rating, or to Attack, Defense, or Initiative, for a number of minutes equal to Hunter’s Mind level.

Self Command (3) no base cost: [WP/2 + 2x level] roll vs. 16 to increase or decrease your Presence by up to the amount you make the roll by for that same number of rounds. May be done at will.

Spot Weakness (4) base cost 5: [Insight + 2x level] Allows the practitioner to find a weak spot or a key area where minimum pressure will produce maximum desired results in structures, natural barriers, or an opponent’s fighting style. When used on structures, Spot Weakness level cannot exceed Engineering level, when used on natural barricades, Spot Weakness level cannot exceed Naturalist level, and when used on an opponent, Spot Weakness level cannot exceed Combat Position level.

Tengish Rangers may begin play with one of the following items:

Waterskin of Blessed Water (20 doses) - Confers a Blessing of Good Health on the drinker. This will cure most diseases and acts as a wonderful disinfectant when used to clean wounds. This water does not stagnate and cannot be poisoned or drugged. It has incendiary effects on Undead, especially sentient Undead.

Blessed Torches (3, 1 hr of light each) - When lit with the proper invocation, these torches burn with Holy Flame. Undead will not even willingly enter the circle of light cast by these torches, and necromantic illusions are dispelled in this firelight.

Blessed Thread (one spool, enough to suture 15 wound minuses) - Chirurgeons add 5 levels of skill when using this thread. Wounds sutured with this thread heal at a vastly increased rate.

Blessed Knife - a camping knife with a 5 inch blade. Upon invocation, this blade will be able to cleave through any physical object for six seconds, after which it will crumble to dust.

Helpful Hook - A grappling hook blessed by the Temple of Silver and Gold to be ‘lucky’, this hook will always catch on the first throw.

As Tengish Rangers gain experience and perform valorous feats for the Crown, they may be further rewarded by the various Temples for their continued service. Items that can be awarded to Tengish Rangers for meritorious service after a lengthy period of service:

Eternal Rope - 100’ of fine silk rope, blessed by the Temple of Time so that only the Ranger that owns it can cut it, and after it is cut, it can be rejoined again to make one seamless whole. Knots tied in this rope by its Ranger can only be undone by that Ranger.

Beltpouch of Holding - This belt pouch can hold any number of relatively small items blessed by any of the Tengish temples.

Cloak of Hiding - When worn normally, this cloak helps the wearer blend in against a forested wilderness background. When thrown completely around an object or objects and the laces are tied from within, this cloak provides almost complete concealment from outside eyes in any environment.

Boots of Surefootedness - These boots allow the Ranger wearing them to move silently across any surface or terrain, give their owner Extremely Good Balance and Extremely Deft for any Fumbles incurred while moving on foot, and guarantee that when the wearer falls they will always land on their feet.

Sunglass - Any light reflected from this blessed mirror will be converted to natural sunlight.

Spiritbeast Horse - a mount worthy of a truly heroic Tengish Ranger.

(Level 0 + 1, read as 'level zero plus one', is a concept that gives starting player characters a package of skills for a certain cost, which pays for the skills' base cost, which can sometimes be quite high. After the character is fully generated, the package skills are then increased by 1.)

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