Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swing wide the halls of reason

Swing wide the Halls of Reason
let learning have its say
let ignorance be treason
let myst'ry fall away
Shall wisdom have no season?
Should knowledge hold no sway?
Swing wide the Halls of Reason!
Let no man say you nay!

Release the spirit's vision
from hatred's fetters gray
lest sheer dumb superstition
o'erwhelm the dawning day
let reason be our mission
and bias our dismay
Release the spirit's vision!
Bask in the warming ray!

Bare now the sword of letters
let learning hone its blade
as we hack away fear's fetters
and stride through wisdom's glade
where dull men fear their betters
the wise shall offer aid
Bare now the sword of letters!
Its keenness cannot fade!

Swing wide the Halls of Learning!
So all who seek shall find
An end to scholar's yearning
for knowledge of all kinds
A fire ever burning
a torch to light our minds!
Swing wide the Halls of Learning!
Let none henceforth be blind!

- engraved on the support post of the main entrance to the River College, beneath a perpetually burning torch

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